Aygedzor copper and molybdenum deposit (2011)

Aygedzor copper and molybdenum deposit

Risk Level: 3

Parameter Data Level
Cu, mg/kg soil 1578 3
Mo, mg/kg soil 310 3
S, mg/kg, soil 3500 3

Disastrous Condition
Critical Condition
Normal Condition

Aygedzor Copper and Molybdenum Mine Causes Disastrous Condition for Environment and Health


The reserves of Aygedzor copper and molybdenum mine are as follows: ore - 233.0 million tons, molybdenum – 72,200 tons, copper – 367,800 tons, rhenium - 109.5 tons, gold – 4140 kg, silver -  256.3 tons, selenium – 675.7 tons, tellurium – 466.0 tons, bismuth -  2027.1 tons, germanium – 6.372 tons.  

The mine is located in Syunik Region, 12 km north from Meghri settlement, in the place of confluence of Meghri and Byuraqyar Rivers. These data are taken from the book by Hrachya Avagyan, Chief Specialist at the Institute of Economics of NAS RA, Dr in Geological Sciences, entitled “Ways and Prospects of Mining and Metallurgical Industries in the Republic of Armenia” (Yerevan 2011, “Gitutyun” Publishing House, Institute of Economics of NAS RA).

The mine territory, which contains all the aforementioned elements and metals in powder, poses high risks for environment and health. Under EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model, the mine hazard category is 3, i.e. disastrous due to copper, molybdenum and sulfur.

Under the official information provided by Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, as of 01.07.2013 the right to soil management of Aygedzor copper and molybdenum mine for mining has been issued to “Active Lernagorts” LLC.

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