RA Prime Minister's Reflection on Use of Natural Resources, Environmental Violations and Forest

RA Prime Minister's Reflection on Use of Natural Resources, Environmental Violations and Forest


Within the framework of the online press conference held on May 16 in Yerevan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan published 100 facts about new Armenia – the fourth one in a row. Among the facts, there is a reference to soil management, water resources, environmental violations, biodiversity and forestry. The publication, in particular, says:

In recent months, 11 soil management rights have been terminated, out of which 4 are the rights to operate 4 metal mines. Three out of the mines were gold and one was a copper mine. 569 warnings were sent regarding the arrears of soil management payments, and 86 motions were filed in order not to eliminate the grounds for warnings in order to terminate the soil management right. As a result, about 695 million AMD of debt was paid to the state budget of the Republic of Armenia.

Conservation of 8 deep wells and 43 conservation works were carried out in Ararat and Armavir Regions. 28 deep wells have been conserved at the expense of water users. 20 deep wells were brought to the shut-off mode. The amount of 3,017.8 l/s was saved. Due to the works, 382 violations were found among the water users.

In 2019, 1863 environmental violations were recorded. In the course of 2019, 1358 damage calculations were made. The damage to the environment was estimated at 2 billion 658.7 million AMD, an increase of 64%. In 2019, 512.3 million AMD was transferred to the state budget in terms of compensation for violations in the field of environmental protection, compared to 172.6 million AMD in 2018 and 63.7 million AMD in 2017.

In 2019, the number of cases of illegal logging and hunting in Armenia has obviously decreased. In 2019, about 500,000 trees were planted on 160 hectares.”

11:46 May 18, 2020


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