Local Population About SHPPs: Aragatz and Vardenut Communities

Local Population About SHPPs: Aragatz and Vardenut Communities


“EcoLur” presents opinions of residents in HPPs impact zone, about the activities of SHPPs within the frames of “Support to SHPP-relating reforms through the dialogue of public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems”. We introduce you residences’ opinions living in Aragats and Vardenis communities. -The irrigate water comes from the central top of Aragats four tops. When HPPs are introduced in pipes they do not have filtration. Before the water reached to us it was cleaned itself. Even the irrigation water was so clear that we could drink it. Now the pipes are brought and almost reached to the head of the village. Two days ago the pipes were tore and they usually are tore twice a year. You should come a month earlier, when the water was still flooded and where the brown water reached. There were trout and frogs under the HPP and the frogs were cleaning the water. The irrigation water mixed with drink water , then it filters and reaches to us. Our ancestors were sitting here for this water. In summer they cut the water for 4-5 hours, in order to get 35,000 kilowatt electricity, but these 4-5 hours are very important for us. - The water does not satisfy village, we use the water of Aragats river, on which the SHPP is built. There are several kilometers thick pipes that are brought from the top, they close the front in order to let the turbine work. That is why the water becomes brown in pipes. The water is drinking but we can’t drink it. In winter people bring drinking water from other villages by their cars, and those ones who don’t have cars have to drink that dirty water. EcoLur - But in this case you will have an increase of the disease Vardenut villager -You should go and see who is healthy.

16:12 July 07, 2015

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