Armenia May Become Clear for 2.6 Billion Euros

Armenia May Become Clear for 2.6 Billion Euros


Around 2.6 billion Euros will be needed to ensure the residential areas of Armenia with cleaning structures and sewage systems. 'As e can't afford such sums at once, we should follow it step by step taking into consideration plans for 10-20 years and following the principle 'Clean as much as possible now',' said 'Jinj' LLC Director Eduard Mesropyan. He made a presentation at the national seminar dedicated to the problems of water discharge and cleaning of sewage and stated about the problems available in this sector. In his opinion, it should be started with the installation of cleaning structures all over the country, at least mechanical cleaning structures – to start with. Meanwhile, the pollutants are adsorbed even into the collected garbage. He drew attention to the resort areas in Armenia, which continue to be left without sewage discharge systems, 'Even rest houses, restaurants and big complexes, which comfortable toilets, dump their sewage into the nearest rivers, as it happens in Aghveran, Hanqavan, on Vanadzor-Baghratashen highway etc. The mountain rivers take the wastes down into the places designed for picnics and where there are usually many children. As a matter of fact, children swim in the rivers,' Mesropyan said. The specialist thinks that economic mechanisms are needed to make the business construct objects with planned sewage discharge systems. 'According to our estimates, this won't be a huge burden for the business,' Mesropyan said.

16:55 July 27, 2016

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