Head  of Aragats Community about SHPP Impact
13:47 July 03, 2015 | Water | Aragatsotn
The study particularly mentions, “The research of Fe, Al, Co, Mn, Cr, Cd, Zn, Na, Mg, Ca, K and elements and metals in Ghegharot river reveals that two SHPPs out of which the concentrations of elements at the bottom of observation station (2-10 times, an average of 5-7 times) exceed the concentrations in the upper observation station. This shows that the 2 SHPP plants have
Villager of Hermon Community about SHPP Impact
15:40 June 30, 2015 | Water | Vayots dzor
In the frames of “Support to SHPP-relating reforms through the dialogue of public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems” EcoLur presents being under the SHPP impact zone villagers opinions on SHPP activities.
Around 30 ha of Forestation Project in Yerevan Endangered
15:25 May 05, 2015 | Water | Yerevan
Because of lack of water in Azat reservoir the forestation works planned in “Erebuni” forestry enterprise in Yerevan Forestry Enterprise, haven’t been carried out partially: out of 51 ha area around 30 ha area hasn’t undergone

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