Horizons of Groundwaters Violated in Ararat Valley
17:05 November 11, 2015 | Water | Ararat | Armavir
They take the cleanest water from the deepest horizons which can be used as drinking water by the population. This clean water, which annually makes up 1 billion cum, is pumped out into surface, which flows into environment, rivers and we lose it
Alarm Signal: Water Pipeline Damaged in Parseghov Street
16:34 November 09, 2015 | Water | Yerevan
EcoLur has received an alarm signal that the water pipeline at 40 Paseghov Street, Yerevan, has broken down. “10 days ago the waterline broke down, at first the water was flowing under the ground, then
Freshwater Springs Getting Dry in Sisian Region
14:57 October 23, 2015 | Water | Syunik
There are 5 SHPPs in our area, both in our area and in Sarnakunq. We don’t even know who’s who: our land areas are attached to each other. We can see that all the spring and rivers are getting dry
Water Measurements Show: Qaghtsrashen Project Viable
11:30 September 09, 2015 | Water | Kotayk
First of all, this summer was the hottest one in the last 172 years in our meteorological history. According to Arm State Hydrometereological Service, temperature in June – August fluctuated from 38-39 C degrees for 20 days and from 40 to 41 degrees
Water Tariff Increase Planned
13:46 August 25, 2015 | Water
Water tariff is planned to be increased, as Water Supply and Water Discharge Strategy and Funding Program says, which was approved by the Armenian Government on 13 July 2014. 'Current water tariffs are rather low

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