Scientists Proposing New Way to Store Water (Photos)

Scientists Proposing New Way to Store Water (Photos)


RA NAS Academician, mathematician Ruben Hambardzumyan proposes an alternative way to store water. The most important factor in storing snow is the white blanket proposed by the Academician. In the frames of “Freeze water” program coordinated by R. Hambardzumyan, attempts were made to found a snow store on the southern slope of Aragats. “This is the continuation of Swiss-Armenian project, which was discussed last year during the round table at NAS RA. The synthetic blankets are our gifts from Switzerland,” said Lusak Andreasyan, “which will enable collecting snow in the winter, store it in the form of ice and then use it in low-water season,” Ruben Hambardzumyan said. “Snow melting water are filled into Dragon Lake, while the water from the lake flows to Byurakan and other communities. If we can make this project a wide-scale one, we can solve the problem of low-water seasons.”

In Victor Arzumanyan’s opinion, a researcher at Institute of Mathematics at NAS RA, snow storing has big perspectives in Armenia. “The investments needed here are small. Digging reservoirs causes serious environmental consequences, while in case of snow store there are no consequences,” V. Arzumanyan said.

14:13 July 03, 2014


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