Meeting Water Demand in Astghadzor Requires Urgent Solution

Meeting Water Demand in Astghadzor Requires Urgent Solution


On 1 March, Gegharkounik Regional Head Gnel Sanosyan held a public discussion with the residents of Astghadzor community to determine the priorities of projects demanding an urgent solution. Community Head Robert Khachatryan noted that  three problems are considered to be urgent – covering the unfinished part of the road along Zoravar Andranik Community with asphalt with the construction of an internal network of water drainage system and drinking aqueduct, the construction of a deep well of drinking water in Nerqin neighborhood of the village and the internal network of aqueducts, as well as obtaining a harvester.

‘It’s definite that the first approved project will be covering Zoravar Andranik street with asphalt, where the construction of an internal network of a water drainage system and drinking aqueduct will be carried out simultaneously,’ Gnel Sanosyan noted. The residents have raised the problem of enhancing irrigation water supply system.

‘’The enhancement of Astghadzor irrigation system requires serious funds which we don’t have now. This issue can be drastically be regulated with the construction of Astghadzor reservoir, and its implementation plan is in the list of 22 large and small reservoirs subject to be constructed by the government. Moreover, private investments can be involved in the construction of a tailing dump. This year we will do it together with ‘Gegharkounik’ WUC so as to proceed with the irrigation season in Astghadzor without problems and concerns so as to find all the necessary means for the solution to this problem,’ Gnel Sanosyan said.

It should be mentioned that the irrigation water problem got tense in 2016 when the water of Astghadzor river basin was distributed to Zolaqar Village, Gegharkounik Region, in the frames of “Infrastructure and Rural Finance Support Programme” funded by IFAD. 

In September 2018, EcoLur sent the complaint letter of 40 residents to International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and RA Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan. 

RA Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan accepted the complaint of the residents for consideration: 

Whereas in November 2018, Astghadzor Community residents, Gegharkounik Region, have sent an application-letter sealed with 32 signatures to RA Chief Prosecutor Arthur Davtyan with a request to recover their violated rights to water: 

Community residents mention that they are using  the water from the wells drilled previously for the uranium minefield investigations, which can be harmful to health.

18:48 March 04, 2019


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