Spanish 'ACS Cobra' Company Interested in Construction of "Meghri" HPP Project

Spanish 'ACS Cobra' Company Interested in Construction of


Spanish 'ACS Cobra' Company is interested in the construction of "Meghri" HPP Project, as ACS Cobra Regional Director Alejandro Rodrigo said at his meeting with Ashot Manukyan, the Armenian Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources held on 16 February.

The construction  of "Meghri" HPP Project on the Araks River should have been launched still in 2012 in partnership with the Islamis Republic of Iran. It was planned the HPP wourl have a capacity of 130-megawatt plant and an average annual output was projected at 850 million kWh. Later a decision was made to reduce the capacity of the HPP up to 100 MW because of water insufficiency in the Araks River.  Neverhteless, the HPP hasn't been constructed so far.

Recently Iranian Ambassador Seyed Kazzem Sajjadi told reporters: “We are not the reason for the delay in the operation; usually, the ones being late are the companies. The governments of our countries are always working.” 

In his recent meeting with the journalists, Hayk Harutyunyan, Deputy Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resource, said that Iranian companu will arrive in Armenia in the near future so as to run negotatiations on the further scheme, investments and other matters related to the construction of "Meghri" HPP Project. 'This is a large investment project and we lan to construct this HPP,' Hayk Harutyunyan said.

18:49 February 16, 2018


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