Bring GAHA Energy to Justice for Illegal SHPP Construction in Ohanavan

Bring GAHA Energy to Justice for Illegal SHPP Construction in Ohanavan


The government is delaying its definition and substantiations of allegedly “legal” construction in Ohanavan and Karbi not managing to catch up with the events. We speak about “Shamiram-1” SHPP being constructed next to these two villages in Aragatsotn Region. And not even one SHPP, but a whole cascade of SHPPs, where the total length of pipes will take 6 km and will run almost to Arzni-Shamiram canal. Reminder: It’s about one month since Karbi and Ohanavan villagers have been fighting against the construction of the SHPP who are concerned that SHPP pipes will take all the water, which they use to irrigate their orchards, the only source of living for farmers.

It’s a fact that the construction has been launched illegally: “GAHA Energy” Company doesn’t have any permitting documents. The documents, the company makes a reference to, have zero value. Thus, Ohanavan Village Head has issued the construction permit, then Sevan-Hrazdan Water Canal Director Hovhannisyan’s statement that no new construction is carried out but it’s just reconstruction of the canal, has no sense.
There are permits for water usage issued by Nature Protection Ministry, but nobody shows these permits, as it says why the water is needed for. If the permit says ‘for energetic purposes’, the statement about the rehabilitation of the canal is a lie. If the document says nothing, it’s invalid.
This problem should be directed to legal ways taking into consideration the opinion of residents, as well as all the people responsible for illegal construction, including the administration of “GAHA Energy” company and Director of Sevan-Hrazdan water canal having permitted the construction on the water canal is a protected natural area.
Inga Zarafyan, Member of Ad Hoc Committee.

15:31 March 21, 2014


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