Whether Metsamor Will Get Rid of Stink at Expense of Loan Funds

Whether Metsamor Will Get Rid of Stink at Expense of Loan Funds


Metsamor residents have been breathing in stink for already 20 years and can’t air their houses or simply walk. The reason is non-operating cleaning station.

“There used to be a cleaning station near Zartonq village and the sewage from Armavir, Metsamor and adjacent villages was directed to this cleaning station. In the years of Soviet Union collapse the collector of Metsamor damaged and this water starting flowing into the Sev Jur River. Now, as a matter of fact, the Sev Jur River got dry, Sev Jur-Akhtamar deep wells also got dry, now the sewage fills into this river and get to “Sev Jur-Akhtamar” WUC, where the main pump operates on this sewage. This water is pumped and given to villagers for irrigation,” Khachik Danielyan, Director of “Alt” TV presented the problem.

On 14 May 2014 RA Finance Ministry signed “NIF agreement - Communal Infrastructure Programme II – Phase 3”. The total budget of the programme is €73 million: this is broken down into tranches of €30 million provided by KfW Development Bank, a €2.5 million grant from KfW itself, a loan of €25.5 million from the European Investment Bank, and €15 million from the EU through the Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) of European Union.

€10 million from the grant budget will be used to supply villages with drinking water and improve irrigation systems; a sewage-cleaning station worth €2 million will be built in Armavir; €3 million will be used to pay for a management agreement with four water-supply companies – Armenian Water and Sewage, Lori Water and Sewage, Shirak Water and Sewage, and Nor Akunq.

In 2015 the Armenian Government reached a decision to trust water supply to one operator - “Veolia Group” Company: “Nor Akunq” CJSC will stop its operation from the end of 2016.
A question arises: what are the outcomes of the loan agreement signed with “Nor Akunq” how much money has been spent on the project implementation and what kind of obligations are transferred from “Nor Akunq” to “Veolia Group”.

In this regard, EcoLur has sent an enquiry to Arsen Harutyunyan, Chairman of State Committee on Water Industry of Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources.

Photo is taken from www.jam-news.net web site.

17:22 November 24, 2016

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