Forests and Rivers, Gorges and Mines Serves as Garbage Landfill Sites: 'Clean Armenia' Recording

Forests and Rivers, Gorges and Mines Serves as Garbage Landfill Sites: 'Clean Armenia' Recording


In the frames of 'Clean Armenia' project around 2300 garbage landfill sites have been inventoried and passportized in the area of Armenia with a total area of over 430 ha. Near-road areas, gorges, forests, derelict mines and even water aqueducts and rivers serve as garbage landfill sites.

The information about the location of landfill sites and information about them will be soon availabe on the medium constructed on Google Earth, as the action plan for 'Clean Armenia' says. According to the program, tourism and natural ecosystems suffer from improper garbage collection. As a separate task, the program considers the need for the separation of hazardous household wastes. The project says for the cyclic reduction of hazardous household wastes out of use, all manufacturers and importers of household wastes shall have responsibility for the collection of these wastes. It should be mentioned that the government is already taking measures in this direction. On 13 April 2017 the executive approved the concept paper on the introduction of systems to expand the responsibility of manufacturers/importers, which envisages to set prerequisites to introduce a system to expand responsibility for the manufacturer (importer). An enterprise shall envisage measures to eliminate environmental consequences arising from out-of-use products and shall bear administrative and financial responsibility for the elimination of negative consequences. 'Clean Armenia' is called to mobilize the residents of Armenia, state administration and local administration bodies, businesses and NGOs to clean Armenia from garbage and to prevent their further collection in places not designated for garbage collection.

14:23 April 20, 2017

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