Fight Against Use of Plastic Bags in Full Swing

Fight Against Use of Plastic Bags in Full Swing


The fight against the use of plastic bags is getting into a full swing: a petition has been launched on website addressed to the Armenian government, which says, 'The use of plastic bags has become a pan-planet problem nowadays: around 75% of the garbage worldwide consists of plastic bags. They decay very slowly in nature – from 100 to 400 years. On average, the term of bag use makes up 2 minutes, but then it decays during centuries.
According to the average data of the recent years, around 823 tons of plastic bags are used annually in the Republic of Armenia, while the collected garbage is almost not recycled. Winds blow them across the environment, while if burnt, they turn into very hazardous carcinogenic chemical susbtance polluting the environment – dioxine.

Taking into consideration these problems Armenia shall permanently ban the provision of plastic bags in the shops and instead very quality bags of multiple use shall be purchased. Maybe some difficulties will arise in the beginning, nevertheless, if a number of countries (for example, Italy, Germany, Ireland, France, several US states, Georgie etc) are able to live without plastic bags, we can also do it. The most important thing is public consciousness and love towards nature and homeland.

16:17 April 27, 2017

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