Dumps and Stink Stretch Over 3.5 Km in Hrazdan Gorge

Dumps and Stink Stretch Over 3.5 Km in Hrazdan Gorge

YSU Student Liana Qocharyan especially for EcoLur

Restaurants, motels, stink, dumps and rats: this is how the Hrazdan Gorge looks stretching over 3.5 km. We visited Hrazdan Gorge: there are over 15 restaurants, hotels and other food facilities along 3.5 km stretching from “Florence” restaurant complex to “8th Wonder” restaurant complex – “Florence”, “Dzor”, “Parvana”, “Arjanots”, “Monte Christo”, “Yerevanyan Gisherner”, “Bardiner”, “Geghama”, “Naberezhni”, “Havana”, “Urartu”, “Nor Dzoraberd”…

All the sewage from these facilities is dumped into the Hrazdan River. Besides the sewage, the river is contaminated with household garbage.

There is also a car garage, where half-destroyed cars are parked. The parts of these cards are completely under the water.

Fisherman Manvel said over 50-60% of this area is polluted by the citizens themselves, “They are untidy, very untidy…water pollution is rather high, but fishing is possible.”

According to “Center for Environmental Impact Monitoring” of Nature Protection Ministry, the Hrazdan River in the section under Yerevan City has the highest pollution indicator.


Photos by Liana Qocharyan

17:37 May 18, 2016


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