Open Letter to PM; Establishing Hazardous Waste Warehouse in Kotayk Impermissible

Open Letter to PM; Establishing Hazardous Waste Warehouse in Kotayk Impermissible


A number of NGOs have addressed an open letter to Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan requiring to annul National Program on Storage of Hazardous Chemical Wastes in Kotayq and Establishing Management Center.

“We are presenting you our concerns in regard with the program on elimination of outdated pesticides and neutralization of areas polluted with persistent organic pollutants.”

In the frames of the program it’s planned to establish a national storage and management center of hazardous chemical wastes based on the reconstruction of existing warehouse area in Kotayk region, Armenia.

The objective of this project is establishing infrastructures, which will enable introducing hazardous waste neutralization and soil recovery technologies.

The selected area is near M4 strategic highway in Kotayq region and is adjacent to Sevan-Hrazdan canal. It’s 17 ha, which is an area for groundwaters absorbed from Lake Sevan, which supply water to the sources for Abovyan, Garni and Yerevan.

We find it impressible to construct any infrastructures for hazardous substances, especially establishing any basis for neutralizing hazardous waste neutralization technologies.
Dear Mr. Prime Minister, we are requiring to annul this program and to receive us for the further and in-detailed discussion of this problem with you.

Best regards,
Inga Zarafyan, President of “EcoLur” Informational NGO
Greta Gabrielyan, President of “Environmental Academy” NGO
Hasmik Aslanyan, President of “Shogher Union” NGO
Ruzanna Ghazaryan, “Dalma-Sona Foundation”
Silva Adamyan, President of “Public Environmental Union” NGO and Coordinator of “Public Environmental Front”
Levon Galstyan, Pan-Armenian Environmental Front Civic Initiative
Karine Panosyan, Member of “Center for Bird Lovers” NGO
Aram Grigoryan, President of “Union of Public Defenders” NGO
G. Petrosyan, President of “Biosophia” NGO
Babken Harutyunyan, PR Officer of “CivilVoice” NGO.”

18:54 October 04, 2016


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