Vallex Group Company Reply Why Forest Not Planted in Shnogh

Vallex Group Company Reply Why Forest Not Planted in Shnogh


EcoLur has received the response by “Vallex” Group Company to its publication entitled “Forest Stories: How “Teghut” CJSC Plants Its Forests”, which says, “In the past time period total area of 415.7 ha has been reforested versus total area of 194.4 ha. Unfortunately, it was not possible to avoid omissions and one of the specialized companies, which have been selected on competitive bases, defaulted its contractual obligation in the area, where EcoLur have been to. The company has announced itself about the breach of contract provisions by the company. Irregardless of the fact that we sued for damages as a remedy and taking into consideration the importance of the project affected communities and not waiting the court proceedings, another company is currently reforesting the same area in the administrative areas of the same community with the company funding. The candidacy of the company has been proposed by the affected communities. We are expressing our willingness to take part in the other visits to the project areas mentioned in your article.”

For our part we would like to mention that the essence of EcoLur’s alarm signal is that the factual reforestation works essentially differ from the reforestation projects, measures and outcomes reflected in the documents.

As EcoLur intends to continue its monitoring on reforestation works carried out by “Teghut” CJSC and in order not to have any disputes with “Teghut” CJSC, we would like to ask them to provide us the photos of growing forest planted in a total area of 41.7 ha mentioning the exact place, year and tree species.

17:53 September 11, 2015

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