Honey Vs Mine: Alternative is REAL
18:32 October 16, 2014 | Teghout | Lori | Syunik
On 7 September 2013 “Teghout Support” civic initiative held a fair of honey and other goods in Shnogh community, Lori Region. The main aim of the fair was to show that the factual development of Teghout is connected not with destructive mining, but sustainable development
Developing Economy At Expense of Ecology
11:43 February 17, 2014 | Teghout
Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine that the expertise can issue a negative opinion to a project supported by the president at political level. It’s hard to imagine that ...
Whether Vallex Will Keep Its Promise?
13:30 February 10, 2014 | Teghout | Lori
Teghout Village, Lori Region, is experiencing another problem with water to be added to all other problems. This problem was discussed at...

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