Problems of Rivers in Armenia

Problems of Rivers in Armenia


March 14 is World Rivers Day. The International Day of Action for Rivers is a day to fight against large dams constructed on the rivers, which involve large areas, forests and deprive people of their settlements. One village was relocated for the construction of a dam in Armenia: during the construction of Spandaryan reservoir the village called Averak was flooded, so it was relocated 3 km north-west and is now called Gorayq.
Rivers of Armenia

The rivers in Armenia belong to the Aras and Kura basins. The largest river flowing through Armenia is the Aras transboundary river, the length of which is 1072 km. Armenia has 215 rivers with a length of over 10 km. Most of these rivers don't have permanent flow and get dry in the summer.

Problems of Rivers in Armenia

The main problems of the rivers in Armenia are as follows:

· Decrease in water resource

· Exhaustion of water resource - overload with HPPs

· River pollution

· Loss of fish reserves 

Spandaryan's reservoir 

 Araks River

Sevjur River



River Daranak

River Vardenis

Dali River

Eghegis River

Karakaya River

Aysas River

Goxt River

Marc River

Sarajur River

Pambak River

Debed River

Axtala River

Shnogh River

Gegharot River

Hrazdan River

Karchevan River

Voghji River

Norashenik River

River Goris


19:15 March 14, 2018

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