Lake Sevan Level Decreasing by 6 Cm

Lake Sevan Level Decreasing by 6 Cm


The level of Lake Sevan has decreased by 6 cm turning into 1900.91 meters from 1900.85. Already 115.499 million cum water has been let out of the lake, out of which 0.740 million cum is a non-regulated leak. At the same time, the inflow of water through 'Arpa-Sevan' Tunnel into Lake Sevan has been stopped since the beginning of July. From April to July 2017 around 80.018 million cum water flew into Lake Sevan through 'Arpa-Sevan' Tunnel, while the tunnel with the length of 48.3 km is designed to direct the water from Arpa and Yeghegis Rivers to Lake Sevan through Kechout Reservoir – an aggregate amount of 250 million cum water annually.

Reminder: upon the proposal of the Armenian Government another 100 million cum water will be let out of the lake, besides the statutory-set 170 million cum water. The government is sure that even under the conditions of additional water intake Lake Sevan will have a positive balance.

17:30 July 11, 2017

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