Fioletovo Gold Mining Matter Again Open
15:44 December 14, 2016 | SOS | Lori | Tavush
“On 7 December the meeting of the miners with the villagers took place. According to the villagers, gold miners, who had arrived from Hrazdan, offered this time
Mining- Main Cause of Water Resource Pollution
12:13 December 14, 2016 | SOS | Syunik
“Qajaran combine takes the high-quality clean drinking water from the upper reach of the Voghji River, which is used in the mining, then this water turns into sewage, which flows into the tailing dump and then into the rivers thus polluting
Roedeer Hunted in Dilijan National Park
16:57 December 05, 2016 | SOS | Tavush
Roedeer has been hunted in Dilijan National Park, as the press release disseminated by Nature Protection Ministry says. 'At the end of November a group of people illegally
Fire in Dilijan National Park
15:59 November 30, 2016 | SOS | Tavush
An alarm signal was beaten at 12:17 on 30 November that fire broke out in Dilijan National Park in Tavush Region. One fire brigade
Metsamor Nuclear Town Speaking
16:10 November 23, 2016 | SOS | Armavir
There isn’t even a map, which would show the direction of the pollution of nuclear power plant. For example, as much as I know, Metsamor is safer than
Three SNCOs TO Be United within Nature Protection Ministry
17:48 November 08, 2016 | SOS
In the framaes of the assignment to optimize the Ministry three units will be united together at the Ministry - 'Center for Environmental Impact Assessment', 'Center for Hydrogeological Monitoring' and
Hazardously High Level Of Lead Recorded in Paints Imported into Armenia
17:25 October 28, 2016 | SOS | Shirak
We analyzed the red, yellow and white paint. Yellow paint often contains dangerously high levels of lead in excess of 10,000 ppm. Of the 19 yellow colors in 8 (42%) contained lead levels of over 10,000 ppm and 15 red paint in one (7%) contained dangerously high levels of lead in excess of 10,000 ppm.

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