Metsamor Nuclear Town Speaking
16:10 November 23, 2016 | SOS | Armavir
There isn’t even a map, which would show the direction of the pollution of nuclear power plant. For example, as much as I know, Metsamor is safer than
Three SNCOs TO Be United within Nature Protection Ministry
17:48 November 08, 2016 | SOS
In the framaes of the assignment to optimize the Ministry three units will be united together at the Ministry - 'Center for Environmental Impact Assessment', 'Center for Hydrogeological Monitoring' and
Hazardously High Level Of Lead Recorded in Paints Imported into Armenia
17:25 October 28, 2016 | SOS | Shirak
We analyzed the red, yellow and white paint. Yellow paint often contains dangerously high levels of lead in excess of 10,000 ppm. Of the 19 yellow colors in 8 (42%) contained lead levels of over 10,000 ppm and 15 red paint in one (7%) contained dangerously high levels of lead in excess of 10,000 ppm.

14:38 September 13, 2016 | SOS | Aragatsotn
The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front has disseminated a press release and photos, which show how "Aragats-1" SHPP has dried out the Gegharot River

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