Collapse in Gndevaz Community Because of Explosions in Gold Mine
12:37 April 11, 2017 | SOS | Vayots dzor
The Ministry for Emergency States received an alarm signal at 19:14 on 10 April that the wall of the granary (2 sq.m.) located on the first floor of a two-storey house at Street 5 in Gndevaz Community had collapsed
Works in Gosh Lake Area Stopped
12:10 April 11, 2017 | SOS | Tavush
An alarm signal was beaten on the social networks and mass media that heavy machinery is operating in the area of Gosh Lake thus disturbing the local landscape
5 Day Weather Forecast
11:05 March 28, 2017 | SOS
On March 28 and 31, on April 1 in most regions from time to time precipitation is predicted. In separate places

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