It's Two Years Since Astghadzor Village in Gegharkounik Region Left without Water Because of Governmental Project

It's Two Years Since Astghadzor Village in Gegharkounik Region Left without Water Because of Governmental Project


Because of implementing a governmental project, the residents of Astghadzor Village, Gegharkounik region (around 3700 residents) have been left without water for already 2 years, as it has been redistributed and directed to neighboring Zolaqar Village.
In 2016 the water of Astghadzor river basin was distributed to Zolaqar Village, Gegharkounik Region, in the frames of “Infrastructure and Rural Finance Support Programme” funded by IFAD.

Astghadzor activist Aramayis Asatryan raised about their right to water, which had been violated, at the discussion dedicated to the protection of “green” rights at EcoLur Press Club.

“In 2016, a decision was reached to give water of the Astghadzor River only to Zolaqar Village without having any consultations with us and without holding any public hearings, only with the interference of one MP, though so far Astghadzor and Zolaqar Villager had been using this water together,” Aramayis Asatryan said.

He mentioned that he had applied to different officials with this water problem, but the problem hasn’t been solved so far.

As a solution, RA Nature Protection Ministry proposed Astghadzor community to apply to the ministry to get permission to make use of the water flow from 4 springs aka “Gran” and “Mets Dzor Tmban Taki”. Nevertheless, there is a water deficit emerged after Zolaqar community received from the ministry a permission of water intake in the amount of 23.1 lps, so Astghadzor community can’t get the water it requires.

The ground for the redistribution of the water was the results of the studies carried out by RA Health Ministry on drinking water quality. “They say there were bacteria in the water of Zolaqar, that’s why they gave water to them, but now there are worms in our water,” Aramayis Asatryan said. He presented the reply he received from RA Health Ministry, which says that there are no deviations from drinking water quality recorded in Zolaqar and Astghadzor communities. The Astghadzor residents are going to apply to the new Armenian Government for the regulation of this problem.

18:37 May 21, 2018


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