Jrarat Community Left Without Water

Jrarat Community Left Without Water


Jrarat Community in Armavir Region has been experiencing problems with irrigation water for over 10 years. The lake supplying irrigation water to the residents in Jrarat resident has almost turned into a desert. Because of the absence of water, fish farms operating in the village have closed down while their outlet water was used for irrigation purposes. The social state of the village has deteriorated and the locals are emigrating to earn money. This is what “Jrarat-Desert” study says primed by Master’s students Armine Markosyan and Yekaterina Fomina studying Human Rights and Democratization at YSU Center for European Studies.

According to “Jrarat-Desert” study, the reason for the lack of water in Jrarat, Ararat Region, is developed fish farms. “Ararat has a lower position towards Armavir so all the water flowing from Armavir to Ararat and supplying water to fish farms is not able to flow back,” the study says. Besides that, the worn-out irrigation system operating from the Soviet years is able to ensure the irrigation of only 27 ha out of 450 ha, while pumps must be operated for the irrigation of the remaining part. According to the study, every house spends about 15,000 AMD to irrigate their orchards. “As a matter of fact, the right of the locals to sustainable development and make use of natural resources is violated. As a result, many people are migrating and looking for means of living in other places. If the government neglects this problem, the consequences will be disastrous,” the study says.

You can download the study here.

17:24 May 07, 2019


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