PEF Reported about the Crime: Ararat Artesian Basin Submarine Water is Overexploited

PEF Reported about the Crime: Ararat Artesian Basin Submarine Water is Overexploited


Pan-Armenian Environmental Front reports about crime that is Overexploition of Ararat Artesian Basin Underground Water and standing on verge of elimination, to Gevorg Kostanyan, General Prosecutor and Vahram Shahinyan, the head of RA Special Investigation Service. In the reports mentioned the following.” We, Armenian citizens, Detailed study the USAID Ararat Valley Artesian Basin groundwater status "Hayjrnakhagits Institute" CJSC and "Mel-Hov" published research reports in 2014, with the help of «Clear Water and Energy" program, came to the conclusion that some officials of the government did such acts and made such violations that they should be subjected to criminal liability and restore the harm caused to nature.Back in 1984, based on the results of various studies, The State Reserves Committee (PPH) approved the annual allowable limit for taking water from wells, which amounted to 34.7 m \ s or 1.0943 billion. m / year, in condition of which protection there wouldn’t be water resources overexploitation. However, this measure is substantially higher than the figures recorded in three decades, and according to recent research in 01.07.201, the water intake amounted 55.6 cubic seconds or 1.7534 billion. m / year, which exceeded the allowable annual average volume 34.7 m / sec amount confirmed in 1984 by 20.9 cubic meters / second, or 659.1 million. m / year, which is more 16 times out of which 64% reached to the fish farms. It should be mentioned that with the help of fish farm economy water intake has been done and still continuous to be done from drinking and household strategically important water horizons, which causes serious problems for the population and the environment. As a result, the following situation is recorded: 1.The surface area of groundwater, which had Ararat Artesian Basin’s positive pressure, was shortened by 3 times from 32 760 ha (1983) to 10 706 ha (2013). As a result, 31 communities are partially or completely deprived of irrigation and drinking water. …3. Decrease of 3,9-15 meters of Masis regional levels, which accompany decrease of water consumption by 43,7-198 l / sec. 4.Decrease of Sevjur-Aknalich sources exits about 6 times in 1983-2013.The work of Metsamor nuclear power plant and irrigation of 8180 hectares land in 29 communities are dangerous. … 6.there was a 100 million cubic meters of additional water gap from Lake Sevan in 2014 in order to satisfy the demand of the water, but is put the ecosystem of the water under danger. 7. In Ararat valley about 400 million farmers will face the loss of chance to do agricultural activity, which will not only be the cause of socio-economic problems, but also will promote a new wave of emigration. We believe this is a particularly dangerous and serious crime, which was carried out with the consent and connivance of senior officials of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, headed by the former Minister Aram Harutyunyan… 1571 water-use permit has been provided in 2013, by the Ministry of Nature Protection with the household-drinking, irrigation and industrial purpose. Moreover, from 2008-2013 WPs were provided to 274 new wells of 23.3 m / s or 734.8 million cubic meters / year total cost. Providing that WPs they didn’t take into consideration 2006-2007. Inventory results, according to which 2008 The AAA groundwater at 36.5 m / s or 1.1511 billion. cubic meters / year capacity utilization was already higher than in 1984. PPH's well established 34.7 m / sec or 1.0943 billion. cu m / year annual average limit water intake.We appeal to the Prosecutor's Office and Special Investigation Service, with the request, which contains the following: A criminal case for the permit of more use of water from Ararat Artesian Basin from 2008-2013 than it is determined, which was carried out with violations of the requirements RA Legislation in our opinion, due to which ecological damage was occurred in environment and a mass part of Armenia’s people and natures’ safety was endangered. PEF calls on to all people who are acquainted with this problem, as well as the companies to take part in this process. We please to sign under the transmission below and to write by [email protected] email.

13:34 July 09, 2015


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