Armen Gevorgyan Negotiating With Aragatsotn Region Villagers

Armen Gevorgyan Negotiating With Aragatsotn Region Villagers


Armenian Deputy PM, Territorial Administration Minister Armen Gevorgyan arrived to have a meeting with the residents having blocked Yerevan-Aparan road. Now they are negotiating.
The road blocked by Aragatsotn region villagers in the morning of 19 March was opened with police intervention, as EcoLur’s correspondent informs from the scene. The villagers complain against the construction of “Shamiram-1” SHPP on the subsidized canal of Arzni-Shamiram main canal by “GAHA Energy” Company. They are convinced they will be deprived of irrigation water if the SHPP is constructed. Aragatsotn Regional Head Sargis Sahakyan assured the residents that the construction of the SHPP had been stopped: nevertheless, the protesters don’t consider it to be sufficient and demand to take away the machinery from the construction site.
Reminder: a committee has been set up to study the irrigation system in Karbi and Ohanavan communities, Aragatsotn Region, which plans to have meetings with community residents. It will submit the results of the studies and proposals to the Government within set timeframes.
More details coming soon.

14:54 March 19, 2014


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