Spandaryan-Kechout Aqueduct Tunnel Put into Operation in 2004 Didn't Transfer Even One Liter of Water: AEF

Spandaryan-Kechout Aqueduct Tunnel Put into Operation in 2004 Didn't Transfer Even One Liter of Water: AEF

Sergey Hajinyan Engineer-Mechanic and Levon Galstyan – Geographer: All-Armenian Environmental Front Civic Initiative

Over recent 6 years (2011-2016) the natural increase in Lake Sevan level has been suspended more intensively, which is proved by the lake level increase by only 59 cm over these years and this is when the lake had a level increase by 2.46 meters in 2002-2007 (over six years). That is, over the recent 6 years the lake lost 1.87 meters of water level or around 2.33 billion cum water. Moreover, the difference in atmospheric precipitation in the lake basin for this time period hasn't been significant. One of the main tools of suspension has been less water transfer to the lake through Arpa-Sevan aqueduct tunnel by around 600 million cum water as compared with the first six years.

We should inform that the data on Lake Sevan level extent don't include the artificially boosted 20 cm of the real level of Lake Sevan specified due to geodetic marks since 01.01.2011 calculating it as a natural boost in the lake level, which means addition of exactly 250 million cum water to the reserves of Lake Sevan, which actually don't exist.
In order to prevent lake level decrease, Arpa-Sevan aqueduct tunnel with a length of 48.3 km was put into operation in 1981 with the maximum capacity of 25 cum/s (annually 788 million cum water). Nevertheless, since the tunnel was first operated till now (36 years), annually only 180 million cum water has been transferred into Lake Sevan. Instead of keeping Kechout reservoir always full of water, in 2004 Vorotan-Arpa aqueduct tunnel of 21.6 km length was put into service, which will transfer water from Spandaryan reservoir constructed on the Vorotan River to Kechout reservoir with the maximum capacity of 15 cum/s (annually 473 million cum).

Thus, since its operation launch (26.04.2004) even one cum water hasn't been transferred to Kechout reservoir from Spandaryan reservoir through Vorotan-Arpa aqueduct tunnel, as most water after flowing through tunnel 1 from Kechout reservoir and reaching the gorge of the Yeghegis River, flows into the Yeghegis River instead of flowing into Lake Sevan to ensure 'continuous' operation of numerous SHPPs constructed on the Yeghegis River.
Within 12 years instead of actually transferred 1920 million cum water into Lake Sevan, 4980 million cum water could have been transferred into the lake, i.e. 3060 million cum water more than factual figures.

All these facts show once again that the suspension of Lake Sevan level is realized with the direct decision-making and initiative of our top officials.

19:52 July 12, 2017

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