SOS Sevan Will Be Beaten Unless There Is Sevan Level Reduction Issue

SOS Sevan Will Be Beaten Unless There Is Sevan Level Reduction Issue


SOS Sevan continues beating an alarm signal and raising complaints again the additional water outlet of 100 million cum water out of Lake Sevan. The initiative members disseminated information leaflets in Martuni Town, Gegharkounik Region with a slogan 'Save Sevan Still It's Possible', which says, 'Experts think it's ' nonsense' that the additional water outlets will meet the irrigation needs of the villagers in Ararat Valley...In the case of right management of water resources in Ararat Valley, the statutory-set water outlets out of Lake Sevan, 170 million cum, are completely sufficient...villagers can't irrigate their fields, as WUCs make them receive water with the help of pumps and pay for pumping...Villagers, who make use of artesian water, don't need the water from Sevan... S.O.S. Sevan is calling for all to take part in the events aimed at saving Lake Sevan.'

'The issue of saving Sevan is urgent for us: the hazard is continuously posing Lake Sevan and this resolution proved we still have much to do for Lake Sevan,' said Liana Hovhannisyan, Coordinator of 'Martuni InfoCenter,' Sevan is our most significant wealth, while its residents, who should have benefited from Lake Sevan, are the first to incur loss. S.O.S. Sevan will be raised, still there is the issue of the decrease in Lake Sevan level.'
The initiative members from Gegharkounik Region mention that the irrigation issue in their region is too acute: they have cultivated their land areas and sown vegetables, but still, there is irrigation water. The cause is non-operating pumping station, for which the residents blame Water Using Companies operating under State Committee on Water Industry of RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources, which didn't repair the pumping station in a timely manner to ensure the supply of irrigation water to the residents.

'Currently, villagers face a fact. It's July, while the pumping stations still don't operate and irrigation water doesn't reach the potato harvest, and our nature hasn't faced such a cruel draught so far. Geghhovit, Nerqin Getashen, Astghadzor and Martuni...their residents have been striking. This is the most extreme step when they walk out to the streets. What are WUCs and Agriculture Ministry doing...nowadays villagers have remained not protected and helpless in front of their withering orchards,' 'Martuni Women's Community Council' NGO Anahit Gevorgyan said. EcoLur has visited Nerqin Getashen and Astghadzor communities, where the residents blocked the road as a protest demonstration, shot dried orchards and listened to the complaints of the locals. More details in EcoLur's next publications.

16:49 July 14, 2017

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