S.O.S. Sevan Initiative's Geography Expanding

S.O.S. Sevan Initiative's Geography Expanding


The geography of “S.O.S Sevan” Initiative is expanding. On Change.org people leave their comments starting from 'I'm joining' to accusations. There are many comments from different towns in Armenia – Yerevan, Gavar, Martuni, Sevan, Tsaghkadzor, and Alaverdi. “S.O.S. Garni” Initiative, Public Environmental Alliance and 'Armenian Center for Protection of Human Rights after A. D. Sakharov' joined S.O.S. Sevan InitiativeThere are also comments from France, Netherlands, USA, and Russia. Below you can find some of these comments: - I'm signing this petition because I want to protect Sevan. - I'm against it. - Sevan is our wonder and it should stay there. - Don't dare to dry our miracle – Sevan, have some consciousness, Sevan is God's gift, - The wealth of the country belongs to the nation, and not... - What's a pity about our lake, leave it alone, stop it, how much you can torture it. - lake Sevan is not a swimming pool so as you can let out of the water and then fill it in whenever you want to. And not a source of meeting demands in investments. Nature gifted Sevan to the people and we should take care of it. - I'm signing it, as I want to feel as the owner of my country, while the government must take care how to clean Sevan shores. - Don't destroy unique Lake Sevan, - If it continues like this, nature will start to defend itself, and it will have a bad ending for us. - Whey the last will be felled down, the last river will be poisoned, the last bird will be killed, only then they will understand that it is not possible to eat money.

18:37 June 30, 2017

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