Lake Sevan Endangered with Mercury Pollution
17:30 January 23, 2015 | Sevan | Gegharkunik
Lake Sevan in endangered with mercury pollution. Mercury demonstrations were detected in the upper reach of Masrik river basin flowing into Lake Sevan in the area
Gegamet Plus Now Wants to Develop Shorzha Troctolite and Peridotite Mine
18:10 January 20, 2015 | Sevan | Gegharkunik
Under the project, Shorzha Troctolite and Peridotite mine is located in the area of Tchambarak Village, Gegharkounik Region, which occupies an area of 2.65 ha. The mine has potential balance reserved to produce cement material. The mine is planned to
Soil Managers Getting Nearer and Nearer to Lake Sevan
16:32 December 09, 2014 | Sevan | Gegharkunik
The Nature Protection Ministry issued a positive opinion to the geological prospecting of Masrik gold mine, Gegharkounik Region, submitted by “Alluvial Gold Mining” CJSC
Lake Sevan Has a Negative Balance Sheet
12:47 December 01, 2014 | Sevan | Gegharkunik
Lake Sevan has a negative balance sheet. According to Hydrology Center of Hydromet Service of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations the level of Lake Sevan was

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