Connections Between Desertification and Lake Sevan Issue
11:21 July 23, 2014 | Sevan | Gegharkunik
The issue of Lake Sevan is one of the unique demonstrations of desertification. In the lake, under the conditions of 22-23 degree temperature, the green moss reproduce very intensively, which can eventually lead to
Silva Adamyan: No Way to Take Sevan Water to Villagers
14:44 July 15, 2014 | Sevan | Ararat | Armavir | Gegharkunik
The state of water in the communities of Ararat Valley continues to be poor. The Coordinator of Public Environmental Alliance Silva Adamyan said about it at the discussion of EcoLur’s “Biblical Disaster” Film. He mentioned
Scientist Found Way to Save Sevan
17:42 July 10, 2014 | Sevan | Gegharkunik
Under Millennium Challenges project, huge distances of aqueducts were rehabilitated, but they didn’t analyze properly even once, where the loss of 80% occurs. If we can reduce the water loss of 80% to 60%, we will save
Seyran Minasyan: Situation in Lake Sevan Drastically Changed
18:15 July 04, 2014 | Sevan | Ararat | Armavir | Gegharkunik
Annually around 7-8 billion cum freshwater water enables up to 8 million people to live in our 30,000 sq. km. This is our vital territory, but 3 million of us can’t use these 8 billion cum properly. If we take the report of the State Committee on Water Industry for 2013, we can see water loss of 80%, and as achievement
"Byblical Disaster" Film Premiere
15:06 July 04, 2014 | Sevan | Ararat | Armavir | Gegharkunik | Yerevan
On June 4 the premiere and discussions of “Biblical Disaster” film shot by EcoLur Informational NGO was held at EcoLur Press Club. The film shows what has actually happened in Ararat Valley, why several villages in Ararat and Armavir regions are left without
Now Climate Change Blamed for Water Deficit
16:38 June 30, 2014 | Sevan | Gegharkunik
Now the officials blame climate change for the water deficit in the country. On 28 June the Permanent Committee on Agriculture and Environment held an extraordinary meeting

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