Water Problem in Gegharkounik Region Getting Tenser

Water Problem in Gegharkounik Region Getting Tenser


The problem with irrigation water is getting tense in parallel with the summer heat in Gegharkounik Region. In the morning of 4 July, the residents of Nerqin Getashen and Astghadzor villages, Gegharkounik Region, blocked Sevan-Vardenis-Martuni interstate road for a short time period demanding to solve the problem with their irrigation water.

The residents of Nerqin Getashen residents are complaining they don't get any water because of non-operating pumps. In his interview with EcoLur Karo Gevorgyan said that it's already the second-day since two pumps providing water to the residents have burnt down.

'Martuni' WUC representative Ruben Davtyan assured in his talk with EcoLur that the pumps are being renovated and the works will be accomplished soon.

Because of non-operating pumps Astghadzor village has also remained without water. Village resident Vardan Grigoryan told EcoLur that the problem had arisen years ago when the water of the Astghadzor River was taken in pipes to neighboring Zolaqar Village. At that time, Astghadzor got deprived of the river water. They used to receive irrigation water with pumps from Lake Sevan. They used to have 3 pumps, but now, as Vardan Grigoryan says, the pumps break down often and the residents are left without water in the high irrigation season.

'Our demand is to give us the water pumped to Zolaqar from the Astghadzor River, while the old pumps are replaced with the new ones. We have voiced this problem for years, but no solution so far,' Astghadzor resident said.

While 'Martuni' WUC representative Ruben Davtyan assured that the pumps supplying water to Astghadzor have been repaired and there is no problem with the water quantity.

17:40 July 04, 2018


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