Lake Sevan Level Decreased by 13 Cm

Lake Sevan Level Decreased by 13 Cm


Lake Sevan level has decreased by 13 cm: already 166.498 million cum water has been let out of the lake, out of which 0.741 million cum is non-regulated leak. Sevan lake reached its higher indicator - 1900,91 meters, in June 2017. As of 31 July, the lake level made up 1900.78 meters. As compared with the same day of the last year, Sevan level was higher by only 6 cm, while as of 31 July 2016, the lake level made up 1900.72 meters.

In 2017 another 100 million cum water will be taken out of Lake Sevan, besides the statutory-set 170 million cum water. It should be mentioned that the lake level shall be increased up to 1905 meters for the sustainability of Lake Sevan ecosystem taking the height of the wave into consideration.

18:59 July 31, 2017


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