Gold Search in Sotq Going Down and Down Reaching Lake Sevan

Gold Search in Sotq Going Down and Down Reaching Lake Sevan


“RAM GROUP” LLC intends to increase gold prospecting area in Lake Sevan drainage basin. The company, which has the permission to study the sediments of Tigranaget Tributary of Sotq River flowing into Lake Sevan, now it is willing to do geoprospecting in the upper reaches of the Voskejur Tributary to the Sotq River. The company will use a total of 414.1 ha of area, which belongs to Sotq community.

The public hearings of the new claim filed by the company will be held at 13:00 on 29 February in Sotq Rural Municipality.

According to the claim, in 2016-2018 “RAM GROUP” LLC to do drillings of 9500 meters and to drill four experimental open pits, the total volume of which will make up 145800 m3.

 Gold prospecting in Sotq mine are going down and down thus approaching Lake Sevan and increasing contamination risks of the lake, land areas and the river flowing into Lake Sevan. We are calling for the Nature Protection Ministry to stop the pollution of Lake Sevan and to issue negative opinion to this claim.

14:07 February 16, 2016


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