Lake Sevan Level Increasing

Lake Sevan Level Increasing


The level of Lake Sevan has been increasing and since April 4 there is an increase by 1 cm recorded as compared with the same day of the last year, thus making up 1900,54 m.
Reminder: In 2017 the level of Lake Sevan decreased because of additional water intake, evaporation, low precipitation reaching from its highest peak - 1900.91 meters to 1900.41 meters in February 2018. Lake Sevan recorded a negative balance in 2017. The indicators of this year were lower than those of the last year by April 3 2018.

The increase in Lake Sevan is promoted with the operation of Arpa-Sevan tunnel, which has started transferring water to Lake Sevan since 23 March 2018. As of 5 April, 15.306 million cum water has flown into the lake through the tunnel.

14:39 April 05, 2018


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