Paruyr Hakobyan; Installing Water-Meter and Online System in Vardenik SHPP Impossible

Paruyr Hakobyan; Installing Water-Meter and Online System in Vardenik SHPP Impossible


As Paruyr Hakobyan, the owner of Vardenik SHPP constructed in the basin of Lake Sevan and the son of RPA member Hakob Hakobyan, assures it is impossible to install a water-meter and online system at Vardenik SHPP.

This demand was posed by Vardenik residents during their meeting with Paruyr Hakobyan, while in 2016 EcoLur's expert group made such a proposal after carrying out monitoring in the SHPP.

'Installing a new water meter is impossible, the safe refers to the online regime, which is conditioned with the location of the SHPP. There are prerequisites needed for installing a water meter, which are missing. We have a water meter installed on the pipe located below the water intake. We can't install it in the SHPP. What about online system, we need new towers for them, if people can find someone who can ensure internet connection in this area, we will install a camera and refund all the expenses,' Paruyr Hakobyan said in his interview with EcoLur.

The owner is assuring that the SHPP absolutely complies with all the environmental and technical criteria set in the law, while in 2013 this SHPP was recognized as the best SHPP by German KfW Bank.

Hakobyan outlined that they placed a fish-protecting net in the SHPP based on EcoLur Expert Group's proposals, while the environmental flow will be increased in line with the new governmental resolution.

The SHPP operates for 12 months. In reply to the question whether  the SHPP will be able to work in all seasons in case the environmental flow is increased, Paruyr Hakobyan said, ' We haven't carried out calculations yet, but I think we won't be able to take water only one month if the environmental flow is increased, there shouldn't be any problems in other seasons.'

Besides the demand to install a water-meter and online system, an arrangement was reached with the SHPP owner to make annual contributions for Vardenik community, and a dedicated fund will be established adjunct to Village Municipality. 'It's not only us who should make contributions. All the business in the village should get united and make contributions.' Paruyr Hakobyan said.

13:58 May 15, 2018


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