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Most Prestigious complex in Dilijan constructed on active Landslide Zone – Press Conference at EcoLur Press Club
11:55 December 04, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club | Tavush
Armenia has over 2000 landslides. They activated because of intense development of infrastructures. The landslides threaten the new complex in Dilijan. Nubarashen landfill site is also constructed in an active landslide zone, which slides towards the Nubarashen ourskirts of the town. The construction of SHPPs and laying railway roads are carried out not taking into consideration landslide risks. The result – disasters. How many hazardous zones are there in Armenia and whether we can stop probable disasters or deteriorate them? EcoLur Press Club will host...
STOP Grabbing, STOP Accumulative Pensions
17:15 December 03, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club | Yerevan
“We are all against the mandatory pension system, we have applied to all bodies, but nobody wants to solve this problem, as it touched our pocket, and not their pockets,” said...
What Is It: Second Shikahogh?!!!
15:06 December 02, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club
EcoLur is applying to everybody! The Government, Economy Ministry, Yerevan Municipality and Asian Development Bank are getting ready for the new program, which eliminated
Whose Interests Nature Protection Ministry Protects
14:01 December 02, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club
We would like to draw Staff Head Edgar Pirumyan’s attention to the fact that the information we are interested in is concealed from public and we can’t get it from Nature Protection Ministry event through...
3797 Trees To BE Felled Down for Yerevan Road Construction
11:52 November 28, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club | Yerevan
In 2014 3797 trees will be felled down for the road construction in Yerevan, out of which 3568 will be fruit trees, 61 - timber and 168 are decorative trees. Artashat community will lose around...
Law Tailored to Tycoons
17:06 November 27, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club
The environmental problems and tense social conflicts arising due to...
Armenia Won’t Join Customs Union?
17:31 November 25, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club
The Customs Union is not an established structure. It has rather many contradictions. No country of the Customs Unions is pleased with...
Impact of Different Pressures on “Dilijan” National Park Areas Not Assessed
11:11 November 25, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club | Tavush
As “Development of Management Plan of “Dilijan” National Park for 2015-2019” document says, the trends of biodiversity development are not completely controlled because of improper operation of the monitoring system in “Dilijan” National Park, the impact of different pressures...

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