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Ecology 2013: Alternative Summary from EcoLur
11:36 January 09, 2014 | "EcoLur" Press Club
EcoLur presents an alternative view on the summaries of 2013 in the field of nature protection. Which are the features of the policy run in 2013? What kind of permits were issued and ...
Why Fine Imposed on Mining Company Was Reduced?
15:25 January 08, 2014 | "EcoLur" Press Club | Syunik
According to the internal information of EcoLur, the range of the fine imposed on Dundee Precious Metals Kapan by the State Environmental Inspection of Nature Protection Ministry was reduced by 12 times from 360 million AMD to...
Magel Cave: Another Destructing Decision on Eve of New Year
14:48 December 27, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club
Attention: the Magel cave located in Noravanq Gorge is exposed to a serious threat. The Culture Ministry decided to give the cave to a lease to develop tourism. This alarm signal has already stirred the environmentalists and...
Civil Fight and Political Decisions
13:50 December 25, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club
Only the civil society fights with the consequent destruction of the environment. How does this thesis work? At which stage of development are these public movements now? What kind of solutions are proposed by...
"Gas" Monster
18:55 December 23, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club
“The voting took place with statutory violations, which is called official forgery committed by Parliament Speaker,” said ...
What Can Be Done Not To Allow To Frab Resources in Armenia: Presentation at EcoLur Press Club
14:54 December 23, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club
Whether the civil society is capable of protecting the resources in Armenia?...Which countries want to supervise our mines? How much tax do the gold and molybdenum owners pay? What can the Diaspora do for alternative “green” future? How to fight with large sums of money? Insight from London and Switzerland will be presented at 12:00 p.m. on 24 December at ...
Government Hurrying to Receive Money for Sevan
13:47 December 23, 2013 | "EcoLur" Press Club | Gegharkunik
Taking into consideration this factor “S.O.S. Sevan” public movement was launched in parallel with the government resolution initiated by the Public Environmental alliance. The statement on behalf of the public is open for signatures up to...

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