Vladimir Movsisyan: High Time To Repay Sevan Debts

Vladimir Movsisyan: High Time To Repay Sevan Debts



“Lake Sevan has always helped us with its resources, now it’s high time to repay debts,” said Vladimir Movsisyan, Chairman of Lake Sevan Preservation Expert Committee.
During 12 years the level of Lake Sevan has increased by 3.9 meters, which means the water volume in the lake has increased by 5 billion square meters. Now we have 37.7 billion sq. meters of waters in the lake. The laws on Lake Sevan prescribe, on average, annual increase of the lake level by 21.6 cm. “The most important thing is to continue these works, as we have no right to have a negative balance of Lake Sevan,” Vladimir Movsisyan outlined.
“The most serious problem connected with the lake level is the rehabilitation project of the deformed parts of Arpa-Sevan tunnel implemented by the government. The project costs 11.8 billion AMD, 7.5 billion has been realized in recent four years and the deformed parts with length of 3.5 km will be rehabilitated in the upcoming three years.” Under Vladimir Movsisyan, 1660 ha of littoral areas have been cleaned from forests, 362 buildings were dismantled and transferred without damages and all the engineering structures, which have been flooded, are transferred.
Under Vladimir Movsisyan, the fish reserves incurred tremendous losses because of merciless use, “There is some positive shift due to the artificial reproduction of Sevan endemic fish species. The Nature Protection Ministry let out over 2 million young fish into the lake in the recent seven years, which resulted in improving the artificial reproduction, but it’s not the solution to the problem. The solution to the problem is recovering natural riverbeds, which are main spawning sites, and ensuring cleanliness. The next problem is the SHPP construction on these ten rivers, which hinder the free flow of the fish to upwards for natural spawning. We have monitoring 7 SHPPs out of ten, and found significant drawbacks in all seven SHPPs in regard with fishways.”


16:51 March 06, 2014


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