Two Assignments to RA Nature Protection Minister

Two Assignments to RA Nature Protection Minister


At the governmental meeting on 2 March 2017 Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan made two assignments to RA Nature Protection Minister. According to the first assignment, RA Nature Protection Ministry shall examine the structure of environmental fee payers within two months, distinguish small-scale polluters of fewer hazards and develop simplified procedures for paying environmental fees, projects and reports. In regard with the assignment, the PM outlined that large polluters pay environmental fees, nevertheless, documentation, report submission forms and volumes are the same for all polluters. “Not having large volumes of pollution and payments, small-scale polluters waste significant time and resources for projects, studies and report, while competent bodies carry out considerable work and other resources for the supervision, information collection, summary and analysis,” the PM stressed out. PM’s other assignment was for RA Nature Protection Ministry to develop a regulation on affected communities receiving shared from environmental fees paid by the companies for expedient use, which shall be developed within two months and include all affected communities and will aim to possible minimize harmful effects.

17:21 March 02, 2017

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