SHHP Won't Dry Shaqi Waterfall in Daytime

SHHP Won't Dry Shaqi Waterfall in Daytime


'Shaqi' SHPP operating in Shaqi community, Syunik Region, won't dry Shaqi waterfall, a monument of nature, any longer. This decision was reached at the discussion dedicated to the problem of Shaqi waterfall and 'Shaqi' SPP held on 13 January 2016.

Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan proposed to duscyss such water usage resige, which would enable to direct all water flow to the waterfall during the daytime, and to the SHPP at night. 'The situation is like this, even if we preserve the environmental flow of the SHPP, we won't have a full environmental flow, so here we speak about waterfall generation, complete landscape and using the whole potential of the waterfall,' the minister said. This proposal was approved by Aghasi Hakobjanyan, co-owner of 'Shaqi' SHPP.

Reminder: In 2015 EcoLur implemented “Support to SHPP-relating reforms through the dialogue of public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems” project in partnership with RA Nature Protection Ministry with the support of UNDP-GEF, and as a result, RA Nature Protection Ministry launched SHPP rehabilitation programme. The decision on Shaqi SHPP is one of the outcomes of SHPP rehabilitation programme.

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

15:03 January 16, 2017

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