Walkways To Be Renovated in Alaverdi with Environmental Fees

Walkways To Be Renovated in Alaverdi with Environmental Fees


In 2020, 370,994,000 AMD have been allocated for the implementation of environmental programs in Alaverdi Community, Lori Region. Out of this amount, 294,100,000 AMD is provided for environmental measures, and 76,894,000 for health measures.

In his conversation with EcoLur, Oleg Dulgaryan, President of Alaverdi Community Mobilization and Support Center NGO, said: "As in 2019, this year the money will not be used for environmental or health measures, but most of it will be used for the construction of sidewalks. Of course, some members of the Aldermen’s Council voted against, but the programs were approved anyway.”

The only event with an environmental component is the expansion of green areas, for which only 2 million AMD have been allocated. The money for the implementation of healthcare measures will be used to provide food to the students of pre-school educational institutions, pregnant women, provide summer camps and sanatoriums to the residents, and build sports fields for children and adults.

11:30 June 04, 2020


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