RA Nature Protection Ministry Specifying

RA Nature Protection Ministry Specifying

RA Nature Protection Ministry

There is a technical typo in the press release disseminated by the Ministry on 22.05.2017 and entitled 'Gosh Lake Littoral Area Cleaning Works Will Be Launched Immediately After Rains Stop'. The last- fourth passage of the press release shall be read in the following way, 'For the improper control in the area of 'Dilijan' National Park, which resulted in recording cases of cleaning works in the area of Gosh Lake without any permits, not eliminating its consequences on time, the officer in charge of the area and Deputy Director of 'Dilijan' National Park on Discipline have been imposed disciplinary penalties. We would like to advise that two deputies to Director of National Park and Head of Tavush Territorial Division have resigned handing in notices of resignation.'

The ministry employee having made the technical typo has been warned that s/he will also be disciplined in case of any such repetition.

18:28 May 23, 2017

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