Minister of Nature Protection Reports on Environmental Reform

Minister of Nature Protection Reports on Environmental Reform

During a working meeting with the President of the Republic of Armenia, Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan reported progress in the ongoing environmental reform, current projects and the steps taken to address the existing problems.

Artsvik Minasyan reported to the President on the introduction of an electronic system aimed at finding technical and technological solutions for the comprehensive accounting system of inputs of natural resources, improving the environmental impact assessment institute and simplifying the procedures for issuance of environmental permits and licenses. The Minister also referred to the effective management and control of forest resources.

The President instructed him to begin work on the creation of a unified forestry management system and present a pilot project for outsourcing to a private security organization the protection of Dilijan national park’s three risky branches.

The Minister of Nature Protection next dwelt on he measures implemented to develop a system of delivery of biodiversity passports, make a better use of ecotourism potential and revise the policy in the field of environmental fees.

The President instructed the Minister to activate the work on the application of the nature-foreign debt mechanism that will allow our country to address environmental problems using the funds spared while servicing bilateral loan commitments.

After discussing issues related to the maintenance and restoration of the ecosystem of Lake Sevan, the President gave the Minister corresponding instructions. Artsvik Minasyan presented the prospective program of reorganizing Sevan National Park into a biosphere reserve.

The Minister of Nature Protection reported that as instructed by the President of the Republic, water saving measures had been implemented in Ararat Valley resulting in 980.24 million cubic meter water savings, but the water use still exceeds the allowable amount, and restrictive efforts are being made to that effect.

The President was also informed of the need for staff and structural reforms in the Ministry of Nature Protection.

14:46 June 13, 2017

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