Disputes At National Assembly How To Deal with Lake Sevan

Disputes At National Assembly How To Deal with Lake Sevan


At the extraordinary meeting held on 4 July RA National Assembly discussed the bill on the additional water outlet of 100 million cum from Lake Sevan. The main presenter was Arsen Harutyunyan – Chairman of the State Committee on Water Industry, who related the need for additional water intake from Lake Sevan with water deficit of 50 million cum and 105 million cum in Sevan-Hrazdan and Akhuryan-Araks systems.

'We are experiencing a problem with water in Ararat Valley. What shall we do – whether or not to give water? The reply to this question is only 'yes'. We are currently repairing Arpa-Sevan tunnel to bring annually 250 million cum water, i.e. the answer to this question is definite – water shall be let out for irrigation,' RPA MP Hakob Hakobyan expressed his opinion, who owns 'Arpa-Sevan' OJSC.

In her speech 'Yelq' faction Deputy MP Lena Nazaryan said, ‘On the one hand, there is the problem of Lake Sevan ecosystem conservation, on the other hand – there is need to provide irrigation water to land areas. Mr. Harutyunyan, in your speech you said that losses occur because of the worn-out state of irrigation systems. In order to reduce these losses, the government annually allocated funds for rehabilitation. In 2013, 697 million AMD was provided, 998 million AMD was allocated in 2014, while in 2015 the amount made up 907 million AMD. Despite all these allocations, according to the Supervisory Chamber’s report in 2015, the water losses didn’t reduce, but they increased. In 2013 the water loss made up 44.8%, while in 2014 it was 45.5%. You said that according to your estimates water losses make up 54-55% in the irrigation systems. If it’s true, then people in charge shall be punished for the embezzlement of the funds spent on the rehabilitation of irrigation systems. If we consider the loss of water and the water intake of 270 million cum, it turns out that 121-148 million cum water will be gone? Here we do see corruption risks. Water-using companies make illegal money on public resources, while the bill says it doesn’t contain corruption risks.’ Lena Nazaryan also mentioned there is mansion built at the landmark of 1901 meters in Sevan, on the road running to Artanish, which belongs to Ex Nature Protection Minister, RPA MP, Aram Harutyunyan, according to the villagers. ‘This site development is a gross violation of the law, and the data submitted by this deputy don’t have any trust. The objective of the water intake is to preserve the illegal buildings in the littoral areas,’ Lena Nazaryan said.

19:14 July 04, 2017

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