Armenian Government Granted Other Privileges to "Sevan Trout" CJSC

Armenian Government Granted Other Privileges to


On 4 May the Armenian Government gave two privileges to 'Sevan Trout' CJSC, which grows trout in cage net economy. With the resolution of the government, the payment of the VAT to paid for the import of goods was delayed for three years. The company intends to equip the economy with processing equipment.

The company intends to make investments of around 682 million AMD, out of which the proportion of equipment will make up 278 million AMD.

With another resolution of the government, all the technologies and their facilities imported by 'Sevan Trout' CJSC within the frames of the investment project will be freed from import duty.
Reminder: The government provided 4 billion AMD gratis for the implementation of this project in 2013-2015. Currently, there is one cage net economy installed in Lake Sevan consisting of 12 cage nets. The project envisages to install 50 more cage nets in 30 ha of Lake Sevan by 2024` each with 1000 tons of productivity and grow 50,000 tons of Lake Sevan endemic fish species each year letting out around 25% of the young fish into Lake Sevan for the purposes of recovering Trout reserves.

The main risks of the project are water deterioration, waterlogging and dissemination of hazardous infectious diseases among the fish.

18:45 May 04, 2017

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