30 Trees Illegally Cut Down in Shikahogh Reserve: Criminal Case Initiated
13:51 November 08, 2017 | Officials | Syunik
Syunik Regional Prosecutor’s Office has initiated a criminal case based on the extremely large extents of illegal tree felling by an unidentified person and professional negligence of security service employees in “Shikahogh State Reserve” SNCO and
Forestry Head Arrested for Illegal Felling of 408 Trees
13:57 November 01, 2017 | Officials | Lori
According to the materials, unidentified people illegally felled down 408 trees of different species in 'Gugarq' Branch of Spitak Forestry Enterprise of 'ArmForest' SNCO, which caused
1.414.900 AMD Damage Caused to Nature in One Week
13:38 October 19, 2017 | Officials
An investigation has been carried in the case of 13 out of 29 violations, and an administration five in the amount of 1,210,000 AMD has been imposed. 16 cases are still in the
15,551,500 AMD Damage Caused to Nature
18:18 October 13, 2017 | Officials
The Territorial Divisions of Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body of RA Nature Protection Ministry detected the following during its inspections

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