Violations of Water Using Companies Made up Around 3.6 Billion AMD

Violations of Water Using Companies Made up Around 3.6 Billion AMD


The State Supervision Service carried out examinations in the water using companies: the examinations in terms of the water using companies in Armavir, Ejmiatsin, Artashat and Ararat have been summarized and their findings have been submitted to the Armenian PM. The aggregate violations made up around 3.6 billion AMD: the violations detected in “Artashat” and “Armavir” WUCs made up over 2.6 billion AMD, the examinations revealed numerous violations. The examinations showed that water users have enormous debts against the water supplied for irrigation: they used the water, but didn’t pay for it, so there are debts in the water system. It turned out that different volumes of water were used for the irrigation of the same land area in different years, which is unrealistic. Without relevant water permits, there are fish farms operating: in this regard, their water is supplied by WUCs for which only service fee is paid. The examinations of the assets showed that there are assets written off but the relevant acts are missing. The certificates drawn up as a result of the examinations were sent to RA Prosecutor’s Office.


09:55 July 11, 2019


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