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Any change of NPP can't affect to company's activites
18:17 December 06, 2011 | Nuclear Energy | Armavir
In 2003, a debt about 40 million USD sum was accumulated at the “ANPP” CJSC towards the Russian nuclear fuel supplier, which was used for the production of electricity at ANPP in the period of 1995-2001
Uranium Mining Ghost Again Wandering in Kapan
17:54 December 06, 2011 | Nuclear Energy | Syunik
“Fund for Kapan Regional Development” and “Azatamart” Committee are working out measures for Kapan public to oppose to uranium prospecting programs.
‘Pressing Just One Button and Destroying Everything’
16:59 November 24, 2011 | Nuclear Energy | Armavir
The people working for High Toxicity Workshop at Armenian Nuclear Power Plant should have received pensions under privileged conditions; nevertheless, they will receive an ordinary citizen’s pension after the amendments made in the law
Supervisory Chamber and Armenian“Miracle” In Energy
19:32 November 23, 2011 | Nuclear Energy
By the way, in 2009 19 public companies operated in the system of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry of Armenia owning 50% and more of governmental shares, but the results of the operation for this year show that the bonuses paid to the state budget made up only 18,720,400 AMD
Armenia Can Become Electricity Center
11:59 November 04, 2011 | Nuclear Energy | Armavir
In my opinion, the first lesson was when Armenia reached a right decision in selecting the reactor type. The fact is that Metsamor and Fukushima nuclear power plants are diametrally opposite nuclear power plants
New Hazard at Japanese ‘Fukushima’
14:28 November 02, 2011 | Nuclear Energy
Radioactive xenon has been revealed in one of the reactors at Japanese ‘Fukushima’ Nuclear Power Plant, which was damaged as a result of quakes and tsunamui
Measurements at Metsamor
12:40 November 01, 2011 | Nuclear Energy | Armavir
Turkey is going to take legal measures against Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant, as, under Turkey, it’s one of the most technically

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