Prime Minister: ANPP Has 500 Extra Employees, But ANPP Employees Say Qualified Employees Leaving

Prime Minister: ANPP Has 500 Extra Employees, But ANPP Employees Say Qualified Employees Leaving


“I was reported several days ago that the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant has 500 employees, which are, as a matter of fact, extra staff. People work and receive salary thus having burden of around 3 billion AMD on the tariff of the electricity. Are we going to dismiss these 500 people with one stroke of the pen? Sure, no, as it will, in its turn, generate certain social problems,” Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan said in the course of his live on Facebook on 2 August.

Expert on Energy Matters Armen Manvelyan responded to the statement on the extra employees at ANPP. In his interview given to website, he said, “First of all, we should understand what kind of extra employees the PM means? As far as I know, the ANPP doesn’t have any extra staff. Here informed and competent engineers are employed and the reduction in their number can really cause a serious damage to the safety of the ANPP. The reduction in the staff in this sector will also lead to the fact that we will lose the school of qualified specialists, which can have very dangerous consequences and can affect the energetic safety in Armenia.”

After Nikol Pashinyan’s statement, ANPP staff members addressed an open letter to the PM, who hinted that because of their low salaries they are seeking to find employment in the foreign stations using their high qualifications. The open letter says, “Currently our average salary makes up 250,000-300,000 AMD, which doesn’t serve even the minimum social demands in our families under the conditions of common inflation over the recent years. Many employees ensuring the safe and continuous operation of the station want to transfer to similar stations in the neighboring countries to receive dignified remuneration. We used to have flow of qualified staff and will continue having it in the future, if the matter regarding the salary rise is not solved.”

19:26 September 04, 2018


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